This is where Widowed, Lonely and Deprived
people can reach out for help
Caring and being kind is the first thought you should
have the first moment you wake to begin your new day
Pensioner for Pensioner’s,  Caring Sharing Saving
This is to take the fear out of Health Wealth & welfare we
share the answer.We will meet where & when convenient
to suit you. We learn about decision making
 We share opportunities and
social activities, there is so much to be realized
You may be facing the daunting task of renewing
your drivers licence or lose your independence,
If you are close to 85 you are destined for a
driving test to make sure you are up to standard,
or lose your freedom To assist everyone in the field of
loneliness depression & suicide Helping you when you
have a departed Companion go to the pearly gates
This is a great opportunity for you to learn  and
share your thoughts & opinion
There are a lot more health issues to be
understood. Would you like more information?
This is a no fee for you to have a voice
Contact Tim & Lyn Clarke 0408-426379 
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